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Rockin' New Wine. Rockin' New Brand.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When you have a 5 generation Napa Valley history, you know eventually someone is going to breakout and start a winery. Enter Stonemason Cellars, born from the stone walls throughout the valley that the winemaker's great-great-grandfather Bautista Maggetti built, TJ Elam took the leap with his ultra-premium Sonoma micro winery.

We were invited to manifest the brand and wine labels and to successfully establish them with a progressive, break-out design that supported the winemaker's story. We know the key to a creating a successful brand lies in its ability to standout from the competition, and that exceptional design can open the door to tasting, supports quality and leaves a lasting memory. Inspiration arrived in a photo from back in the day of Bautista standing at the stone mill. This became the foundation for the logo and label design, combined with a twist of modern geometric purple metallic type and rock to contrast the black and white label and illustrations to provide an bold, edgy label.

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