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Judd Brand Media Wins Graphis Gold for Retro-Inspired Coronado Island Film Festival Poster

Judd Brand Media is proud to announce that their creative design for the Coronado Island Film Festival’s “Reel Time” poster has won a prestigious Graphis Gold Award for Advertising. This marks the third consecutive year that the design firm has been recognized by Graphis for its work in advertising and design. The winning poster captures the retro vibe of the seaside community, featuring a woman on the beach holding up a giant film reel. Let’s take a closer look at why this piece of design was so successful.

The Creative Process

The first step in creating this successful piece of design was to capture the essence of Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) and its unique atmosphere. To do this, Judd Brand Media drew inspiration from vintage travel posters, which often feature bold colors, eye-catching illustrations, and an overall sense of adventure. Judd worked with her client to create a concept that portrayed CIFF as being both classic and modern—a place where anyone can escape into an old-fashioned film dreamland.

Once the concept direction was approved by all parties involved, it was time to bring it to life. Judd crafted some initial ideas and then began working on digital renderings of her vision in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. She paid close attention to details, such as color palette selection and typography styles, in order to ensure that their final product accurately conveyed the appropriate message and aesthetic for their client’s needs. Thanks to the hard work and dedication, she was able to create an effective piece of key art that quickly made its way into multiple mediums across the film festival's marketing campaigns.

The Impact

The impact of this award-winning poster and key art design has been far-reaching, not only within the local community but also across the globe thanks to advertising and social media sharing. By creating something so visually appealing and emotionally resonant, Judd Brand Media was able to capture people’s imaginations with just one image—which is exactly what great advertising should do! Furthermore, due to its success in garnering attention from audiences worldwide, this piece of design has set a strong precedent for future projects moving forward.

Judd Brand Media's "Reel Time" poster and key art design has proven that high quality creative design can make all the difference when it comes to achieving success in marketing events. Not only did the work capture CIFF's unique atmosphere perfectly; it also resonated with industry contemporaries, leading us to win yet another Graphis Gold Award for Advertising!


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