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Graphis Gold & Platinum Winner — Frames of Mind 2021

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Judd Brand Media was honored for our new 2021 festival brand design and poster design for Coronado Island Film Festival scoring Platinum for Advertising, and Gold for Design, in this year's Graphis international competitions.

The design encapsulates the vibe of the coast combined with the glamour, artistic, and historic essence of Coronado and its festival. Replacing traditional sunglass lenses with “film reels” the art reimagines the magic of visual storytelling set in a cool breezy island color palate. The design received a big "WOW" from the Festival. Just what we were going for!

Last year's design for the 2020 festival received the Graphis International Platinum Award for Advertising and Gold Award for Poster Design.

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