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Frames of Mind Shapes 2020 Identity for Coronado Island Film Festival

The concept for Judd Brand Media's identity and how she wanted to present the Coronado Island Film Festival 2020 revolves around the selection of films, the individual filmmakers and the light of inspiration that goes into making a film. It's about the creative mind behind a film whether it's action, suspense, comedy, drama or romance. Looking at how this boutique regional festival could be represented in a fresh way geographically and with a bit of Hollywood-esque sizzle, I landed on the symbology of the classic film reel as the mind of a filmmaker, surrounded by organic circles of light representative of creativity and connectivity but also the spirit of the individual behind the film. The background evolved the sandy beach into tiny bright orbs & spotlights complemented by rich aqua waves as sky taking their brand color palette beyond literal expressions. The individual holding the reel represents for the filmgoer the hand selection of each film by the festival, and for the filmmaker, the coveted "gold" — an award.

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